This is the new movie of disney channel: Descendants

The movie is about the offsprings of some of the disney villains, these guys are going to school with the offsprings of some of the disney heroes…and its also a musical.

You know those fanfictions that have a cool plot but at the same time that plot is juvenile and a little bit cliche…it’s like those stories that is cool to make fan art of it but its really not good enough to actually developed a story; I MEAN i know the movie its not supposed to be a great drama, but it wont hurt making the movie more serious.



Here’s the story: a hot-blooded guy who tears down cities and an ice queen who builds a frozen wasteland kingdom above his destruction. They’re out seeking revenge on all the people who scorned them just for the possibility of being dangerous…

Dangerous, huh? At least they were right about that.